“The Violin Doc op.5″ International (online) Violin Competition, was born with the wish to motivate and support the students in their devotion to music and practicing, for showcasing and for stage performing, even if online. “The Violin Doc op.5″ International (online) Violin Competition offers participants the opportunity to be creative, motivated, appreciated, and promoted; both nationally and internationally.

The 5th edition of the competition aims to motivate children in continuous beating throughout the year of 2022.

Prof. and bowed instruments restorer Florin Negreanu, together with the specialized jury, composed of internationally renowned musicians, presents a platform for these performers, budding artists and future colleagues. They intend to give them an opportunity to develop their talent because music is an occasion for joy and celebration.


Florin Negreanu, Board member of InspiArts e.V., Founder of “The Violin Doc” Music Academy violinist, viola player & bowed instruments restorer (The Violin Doc), Germany (Artistic Director „Kunst- und Kulturzentrum Schüller” – Germany, Chair of the „Sounding Art” International Cultural Festival, Romania)

Adina Negreanu, Assistant member of InspiArts e.V., Manager of “The Violin Doc” Music Academy, Communication Specialist, Cultural Events Organizer, member of the Sound Choir, Bucharest, Romania

Doina Saliu, Secretary of “The Violin Doc Op.5” International Online Competition, Romania, National Music College “George Enescu” – Bucharest (Founding member & Artistic Director of International Cultural Festival “Sounding Art”, Romania)


Chairman of the Jury, Florin Negreanu – Germany

Prof. Julieta Mihai – USA

Prof. Ioana Cristina Goicea – Austria

Prof. Magdalena Ursu – Romania

Marlene Hemmer – The Netherlands

Prof. Romana Porumb – The Netherlands

Prof. Luminița-Virginia Burcă – Romania

Prof. Vesna Grupmann-Stefanovic – The Netherlands

Danilo Novakovic – Serbia


  • 1st of April 2022        Beginning of Registration
  • 5th of April 2022             Last day of registration
  • 10th of April 2022                Final results of the competition
  • 10th of April 2022                YouTube presentation of the 1st Prize winners of each category


The participation fee of €55,- must be fully paid before the registration process has closed.

The payment order must contain “participant’s name & TVDIVC”.

International payments in the EU are completed within 2-5 business days of initiation.

Proof of payment is required at the contest email address.

Bank fees will be supported by the participant.

The payment details can be found in the REGISTRATION FORM.


The repertoire will be performed by heart, except for sonatas with piano accompaniment. These may be played from the score. 

Piano accompaniment (preferably) or recording of the accompaniment is mandatory.

CATEGORY A – 6 and 7 y.o., max. 10 minutes:

  • one etude
  • one work of free choice

CATEGORY B – 8 and 9 y.o., max. 12 minutes:

  • one etude
  • one work of free choice

CATEGORY C – 10 and 11 y.o., max. 15 minutes:

  • one etude or one caprice
  • two stylistically different works 

CATEGORY D – 12 and 13 y.o., max. 18 minutes:

  • one etude or one caprice
  • two stylistically different works 

CATEGORY E – 14 and 15 y.o., max. 20 minutes:

  • one etude or one caprice
  • two stylistically different works 

CATEGORY F – 16 and 17 y.o., max. 25 minutes:

  • one etude or one caprice
  • two stylistically different works 

CATEGORY G – 18 and 19 y.o., max. 25 minutes:

  • one etude or one caprice
  • two stylistically different works 


  • All participants will receive a Diploma in digital format
  • The 1st prize winners will receive a recommendation letter on behalf of the competition
  • Five SPECIAL PRIZES – individual Online Masterclass (for five different 1st prize winners, valued at €180,- each)
  • KUK Schüller SPECIAL PRIZE* – LIVE Masterclass in Germany, offered by Kunst- und Kulturzentrum Schüller, at the class of Mr. Florin Negreanu – valued at €850,- euro (incl. three days accommodation)
  • THE VIOLIN DOC SPECIAL PRIZE** – 1 Year Instrument Loan
  • Jury notes & comments upon request
  • Teachers & Correpetitors diploma upon request

1st Prize 95-100 pts., 2nd Prize 90-94 pts., 3rd Prize 85-89 pts., Honorable Mention 80-84 pts.

*The winner is responsible for his/her own transportation to the address of the Academy. The winner is responsible to meet all Covid-19 and VISA regulations necessary to enter, stay & travel in Germany. If, due to Covid-19 regulations, a LIVE masterclass is not possible to be organized, an extended online masterclass consisting of 3x online lessons will be accepted by the winner as a reasonable solution.

**The winner is responsible for all the necessary delivery costs of the instrument.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Pay attention to the provided information. This will appear on the diplomas and in the recommendation letters.


1. By participating in the “The Violin Doc Op.5” International (online) Violin Competition you agree to the use of personal data only for purposes strictly related to participation in this event. Find more details in the Registration Form.

2. By participating in “The Violin Doc Op.5” International (online) Violin Competition you give your consent for the broadcasting and storage of video recordings on the Facebook page and YouTube channel of the competition.

The video with the participant’s performance may be uploaded publicly on the social media channels (Facebook “The Violin Doc” Music Academy), YouTube Chanel (The Violin Doc) or on

  • ATTENTION: Make sure you have the consent of the accompanist in the case of interpretations with accompaniment.

3. To register, each participant must send to the email address the following:

a. Registration Form & Parental Agreement, fully completed (attached to the present Regulations)

b. Proof of payment of the Registration Fee

c. Readable copy of the score in HIGH QUALITY format (JPG or PDF), for judging purposes only

d. Video recording link or links (if more than one), with the performance of the participant uploaded publicly on YouTube. It is necessary that the image allows visibility of the instrument and the full body while playing.

In the video description the following details should be specified:

  • In the title: Competitor’s name, Category & “THE VIOLIN DOC Op. 5” IVC
  • Composer’s name fully written – Chosen work
  • Teacher’s name
  • Correpetitor’s name (if applicable)

Poor video and audio performances will be disqualified. 

Only the videos made in landscape format will be accepted.

The competition does not have the obligation to further edit the video recordings of the participants.

Exceeding the recording time duration within decent limits will not affect the enrollment

Please specify in the email subject/title the name of the participant and the category for which they are applying.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We recommend paying close attention to sound quality. Filming must be done under special recording conditions, without disturbance, background noise, etc. The device must be positioned so that the whole body of the performer and the instrument are visible. Make sure you own the copyright to the submitted records.


1. The jury’s decisions are final and will not consider outside information or comments of any nature. Please note that this regulation does not allow the organizers or the specialized jury to provide additional information regarding the results. These will be offered in a positive, useful and constructive way, only upon request, by the organization of the competition, represented by Mr. Florin Negreanu.

2. The results of the “The Violin Doc Op.5” International (online) Violin Competition will be communicated after every round, online, on the Facebook page of “The Violin Doc” Music Academy and on other pages related to this event, such as the personal page of the organizer. 

3. To follow the details of the competition, including any additions or changes, visit the Facebook page of the “The Violin Doc” Music Academy & subscribe to The Violin Doc YouTube channel (link in the upper right corner of the webpage).


Parental agreement for participation at the (online) event organized by 


The undersigned

Mother/Father/Legal guardian of the student ______________________________________________________________________

I hereby give my consent for my son/daughter to participate in the activity/activities that will take place in this event.

I agree to send a representative, high quality picture of my son/daughter, only for promotion purposes related to the competition, such as online presentation of the competition results on and other social media sources as FaceBook, YouTube, Instragram, Twiter, etc..

Furthermore, I agree that any photo-, video- and/or audio recordings made with my son/daughter may be used by the organizers only for non-commercial purposes, these being intended to promote any present or future cultural events organized by

“The Violin Doc” Music Academy.

I declare on my own responsibility that I have read the privacy policy regarding the processing of personal data attached to the registration form and I agree with its provisions.

Parent signature,                                                                       Date,



Sex:  F / M 

Date of birth:





Mobile phone:



Music academies/schools you have attended (incl. years of attendance & names of major teachers), two relevant awards if applicable








(incl. composer, opus, edition, movement)